Before and after lip filler for small upper lip

Author: Dr Naomi / 5 Feb 2017
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In this patient we did 5 mls of dermal filler to achieve this result, she wanted better lips overall, but especially wanted to change the proportion of upper to lower lips. We performed the treatments 1ml at a time over many months.

And BTW, she was not going for the natural look. Before you have a conniption about this, how about you come at it like this: You make decisions about what you want to do with your body and let others make decisions about what to do with theirs. I am so against people and their blah blah blah anti cosmetic crap. They should stop trying to control others, and stop being such egomaniacs that they think they are the arbiters of aesthetics. This patient wouldn't care if someone wanted to not do their lips, so why should you care if she wants hers massive and plastic positive. It is the look she loves. Don't even start me on the people who think all cosmetic patients are having treatments due to low self esteem, ugh, so pathetic and ignorant.


It can be very frustrating for those with a small upper lip as sometimes it takes a large amount of product to lift the lip.

We also have to be careful of not creating too much projection and a "ducky look" when treating a smaller upper lip

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