Dr Naomi Interviewed by Vice

Dr Naomi's dream came true when she was interviewed by Vice!

Penis Enlargement FAQs

The Manse Clinic is now offering non-surgical penis enlargement by expert, Dr Steve Crimston

Fat dissolver Channel 7 News: Dr Naomi interview

There is a newly available treatment for double chin fat removal, it is an injectable treatment which dissolves the fat, creating a chiselled jawline

New Treatment: Hiko Nose Threads

I'm  excited to interview expert Dr Gerard Ee...

New Double Chin Treatment Arrives in Australia

Double chin treatment has arrived in Australia. From this week,...

Dolls on TV: Positively Plastic

The #dollsofdrnaomi had their 15 minutes of fame tonight on SBS "The Feed. It does excite me that we left the...

Calf Slimming injections

Our clinic specialises in leg slimming injections. Are your calves too big to fit in your boots. Want a streamlined...

It's Time To Invest in Your Skin

I am guilty of not investing the time into my skin. I should be taking 30 minutes every 1-4 weeks of my life, to...

The Manse Clinic

The Manse Clinic is due to open in June 2016. Please like our Facebook page and follow us on instagram

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