Dr Naomi Interviewed by Vice

Dr Naomi's dream came true when she was interviewed by Vice!

Penis Enlargement FAQs

The Manse Clinic is now offering non-surgical penis enlargement by expert, Dr Steve Crimston

Dr Naomi, featured in The Daily Mail UK

Dr Naomi was featured in The Daily Mail, as Sydney cosmetic...

Before and after lip filler for small upper lip

Before and after dermal filler for small upper lip. In this...

Dolls on TV: Positively Plastic

The #dollsofdrnaomi had their 15 minutes of fame tonight on SBS "The Feed. It does excite me that we left the...

Pre Wedding Cosmetic Prep

Bridezillas are common in a cosmetic clinic. Here is a case study of one who needed to be more gorgeous than she had...

Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin

Dermal filler in the chin is a popular treatment, particularly for Asian patients. In this case we injected nearly 3...

Lipspiration: I Love My Patients

I love my dolls so much, they kill me! This one today is the absolute best. I wish I had 5000 of her!

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