Dermal Filler Before and After Case Study

Author: Dr Naomi / 6 Mar 2016
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Case Study


Here is a case study of a woman at our Sydney clinic who had dermal filler in multiple areas of her face, including cheeks, lips, chin and marionettes.

She is a pretty woman and our aims were to make her look fresher, brighter (especially in the eye area), and to create a better face shape, bigger lips and an improved jawline.

The patient sent us a before and after image, see below. The before photo was taken the day before the procedure and the after photo was taken about 5 hours after the procedure, so there is some swelling. Also at this time, there wasn't much effect from the anti wrinkle injections, and the majority of the results came from the dermal filler.

In this patient we did a total of 4mls dermal filler, with a breakdown in areas below:

0.2mls to outer eyebrows for lift and improved projection

1.6mls dermal filler to cheeks

0.8mls dermal filler to upper lip

0.4mls to lower lip

0.4mls to chin

0.6mls to marionettes and jawline

Anti wrinkle injections to brows, crows feet, frown and horizontal forehead lines (these wouldn't have had enough time to kick in yet, most likely).

In the after photo, I particularly love the eye change, which is what the patient was commenting on in her text message to me, saying "tired eyes to open". With injecting around the eyes, a little bit of filler can go a long way. The other area I particularly like in this case, was the face shape changing that we did, This really comes down to what I injected into the cheeks, chin and jawline. Patients are so often worried that cheek injections will make them look "fatter in the face", but when injected correctly, it can actually do the reverse, making a heart or V shaped face.

I just LOVE IT when patients text their own before and afters. It's so great!

Text from a patient 5 hours after her procedure, with before and after dermal filler image

Text from a patient 5 hours after her procedure, with before and after dermal filler image



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