Lipspiration: I Love My Patients

Author: Dr Naomi / 4 Apr 2016
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I love my patients so much!

I had one who came in today, and like many other patients, said she had a lips image that she wanted me to use for our lip augmentation inspo.

She then showed me this picture of a cartoon /doll.


 She also requested that for her skinbooster treatment next week, that we get her skin as smooth as in this doll image.

FYI, she was deadly serious.



So I put the above on social media, and then I realised I had a whole subculture of patients who understood.

Many said "yeah, they're great lips"

or "I want them, too"

another even said "I'd like her jawline"

Geez....... I just love you people so much. Other doctors think it's funny when their patients bring in unrealistic photos of celebrities they want to look like. At least their patients want to look human....

This is another level entirely!

What a blessing you people are to me



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4 comments on article "Lipspiration: I Love My Patients"



4/14/2016 4:52 AM

reminds me of Angelina Jolie's lips


Dr Naomi

4/14/2016 8:57 AM

Yes, Kathy!



7/11/2016 12:02 AM

Hi Dr Naomi. I've had my lips done at numerous places and they never turn out, my upper lip doesn't "flip up" and I was told there is no way to fix that. It is prominent only till the swelling goes down. In your experience is it possible ? I'd given up till I came across your Instagram and the amazing work !


Dr Naomi

8/4/2016 11:43 PM

Usually if you can get lips big with swelling, then you can get them that same kind of big with enough product. can't tell without looking at you, but you may not have had enough product

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